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Print Posted on 09/09/2017 in Members Info

What Happened to Free?

What Happened to Free?

Because some knuckleheads have been submitting some obviously non-music and sometimes inappropriate directory listings we are no longer offering a free level. Music Directory.com listings start at only $5.

If you are serious about your music and your music business (we sure are!), then it'll be worth a small one-time fee to be part of a growing online music information resource. You can get a music directory listing for as little as $5.

Until the end of September, 2017 we are offering a special Lifetime membership for a one time fee.
Sign up NOW to lock in your lifetime membership and pay no other fees for your MusicXS listing, ever.
After October 2017, the fees for new members will be an annual payment of the same amount.

We are working to build a useful music directory, one with verified music information, from the ground up.
We have human beings on staff that review all of the submitting music directory listings.
We check your info for completeness and accuracy. We work to verify that what you have submitted is appropriate for MusicXS and is a useful music resource for our site visitors.
We simple don't want to have any bogus, non music oriented music directory listings!

What does this mean for you? You get a do it yourself music directory listing which will get indexed by search engines.
you can post contact info, events, audio samples, videos. pictures, music downloads and more. The more detailed info that you put in, the better. More info for the search engines to index and will make it easier for people to find.

Our editorial staff will review each music directory submission. We may even search for more info and add it for you. Sometimes we may offer a free upgrade if we feel that your music directory listing will be a good info resource for our users.

Your online security is important to us. we use SSL encryption on the MusicDirectory.com website (note the "https" at the beginning of the web address with a small padlock shaped icon next to it) and your order is processed securely by Stripe.

If you submit a listing that is not about music (our editors will review the info), then your non-music listing will be deleted, with no refund!

But, if you are a musician, band or music business, we welcome you to the MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com website!
We will work to increase traffic to the MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com website and that will bring more potential clients  to you! 

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