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Wot's... Uh The Deal?

The FAQ about MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com

"Wot's... Uh The Deal?"
...is an excellent Pink Floyd song and probably what many of you are wondering about MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com. ;-)

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the site and will be updated and modified as the site is also updated and modified.
FAQ last updated Friday, Dec 3, 2016

  1. What is MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com?
    MusicXS is an online music resource directory whose purpose is to provide a useful website where people can find and connect with the music related items/things/people that are looking for, such as musicians, concert tickets, wedding bands,  DJ's, music downloads, music instruments, music equipment, studio musicians for hire... basically anything and everything related to music. We want to be able to help you connect with your music...everything!
    Our goal is to become a useful online service for everything related to music. To organize some of the chaos from the internet in a way to help you find your music more easily...or be found for your music!

  2. What's the website address?
    http://www.MusicDirectory.com. You can also access the same website via MusicXS.com. BTW no need to capitalize the letters when you're looking for the musicdirectory.com/musicxs.com website.

  3. When was the site launched?
    This version of the MusicXS site was launched in Dec. 2016. Previous version was not fully functional. Now thanks to advances in technology we have a vastly improved MusicXS!
    We are making updates and changes to better serve our members. And we want new members...we want you!

  4. Who can join MusicXS?
    All musicians and anyone involved in the music business anywhere in the world. All directory listing MUST be about music in some way. If you submit a listing and our editors feel it is not right for MusicDirectory.com, then your entry will be deleted. If you are not sure if your listing submission will be "music" enough, submit for a free listing. If approved, you can then choose to upgrade.
    PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept any listing submissions that promote or advocate hate, illegal activities or pornography.  Our editors reserve the right to remove directory listings and associated information that we determine to be inappropriate or prohibited from the Musicdirectory.com website at our sole discretion.

  5. Who is this for?
    Anyone looking for anything related to music or seeking to promote their music, music services, music products...musicians and bands, music retailers, talent agents, concert venues, music instrument makers and more.

  6. What does MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com offer?
    We offer our members a music themed place online where they can promote their music brand and connect with anyone seeking music...anything!
    We offer free directory listings and low cost paid listing upgrades that can show more information and multimedia samples. We also offer targeted advertising opportunities on our website.

  7. If I sign up, what are some of the basic services included with my membership?
    Features included with all MusicXS Membership levels (yes, even the FREE one):
    1. It is a searchable listing and is publicly available. People (and search engines) can find you by the information that you include in your listing.
    2. It is a geocoded listing. Your listing can be found by your geographical location information. Local searchers can find your nearest listing first.
    3. Google maps display on listing. Help your clients/customers find you at your location. Driving directions available!
    4. Link to your website. Drive traffic to your website directly from your MusicDirectory.com listing!
    5. You can upload your company or band logo/graphic to your listing
    6. Add Profile picture/image. Show your own picture, mugshot or a pic of the band...or your dog.
    7. Add one or more Audio files. Let people hear your music!
    8. Add one or more events to the site event calendar. Post your next gig!
    9. Add one or more Blogs. Share your thoughts.
    10. Choose one or more music specialties/styles/categories.
    11. Choose one or more locations. 
    12. Add Social Media Links, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.
    13. If Twitter link is set, then Twitter feed will be displayed on your listing.
    14. Ability to receive sales leads directly from your directory listing on the MusicXS site.
    15. Ability to chat with site visitors while on the MusicXS site and logged into your MusicXS account.
    16. Ability to login to your own account dashboard for your directory listing and update your info.
    17. Free printable QR Scan Code graphic linked to your Music Directory listing URL. Mobile device users (cellphones, tablets, etc) can use it to directly access your directory listing.
    18. A custom URL (Web Address) for your MusicXS Directory listing.
    19. Translate Widget at top of every page translates that page into any one of dozens of Languages!

  8. Why are you offering a free membership level?
    Because we want you to join us. And it gives you a chance to try MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com and see if it works for you! We have provided many useful features even with the free membership level.
    We need members in the Music Directory  to make it a useful resource to our visitors and we want to provide our website visitors as many music related choices as possible when they visit.
    They may be looking for what you offer and they could choose you! Even the free members add value for our site visitors.
    AND.... Because we hope that you'll find the site useful and tell your friends and maybe even upgrade your account to a paying level!

  9. If I can get a free listing, then why should I shell out any money for a paid listing on MusicDirectory.com?
    If you get an upgrade you get more services and can provide more information and media to share with the world through MusicXS. You can show more audio and video files, blogs, photo galleries, even sell products online.
    Our paying listings are pretty darn cheap and are billed annually, not monthly. We charge for an entire year what some other directory sites charge every month. See pricing page for more info.

  10. Is there a MusicDirectory.com app for my phone or tablet?
    Yes, there will be an app for Apple and Android devices very soon. We'll notify all members when it's ready.

  11. I'm a musician, what's in it for me?
    For musicians and bands, you can post contact/booking info, location info, audio files, video files, events/gigs/concerts, blogs and more!
    You can chat with MusicXS site visitors and receive direct unfiltered leads directly from your MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com Listing.
    Also see #7 above. See pricing page for more info.

  12. I have a music business, what's in it for my business?
    Please see #7 and #12 AND in addition to those benefits... any music business that selects the Premier level can also post Job Listings, Classified ads, Sell Products and more. Get unfiltered leads directly from your MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com listing. See pricing page for more info.

  13. I have a business that isn't solely about music, but we do sell music themed products/services. Can I list with MusicXS?
    Well, that depends on the nature and extent of any music themed part of your business. For instance, say you have a t-shirt business and you have a large selection of musician/band t-shirts, then you could link to that section of your site. If you offer music themed products then that's what you can promote here. Again our editors have final say about what gets in. It's a Music Directory, after all.

  14. What do you do for our members to help them succeed in promoting their music brand via MusicXS?
    We will run carefully targeted Google, Bing and Facebook online advetising campaigns to promote MusicXS, it's members and drive traffic to the site.
    All new members will get highlighted on the "new Members" s ection on MusicXs site home page.
    Our staff will review every listing entered into the Music Directory and add Search Engine Optimization enhancements as needed.
    Your Success is Our Success. We will work to earn your loyalty and trust.  We will not charge you for sales leads coming from your directory listings.
    We are working to provide a useful music information resource for both the site users and our members.

  15. Who's behind MusicXS?
    4D Web Services providing web design, web hosting and Internet business consulting since 1995, located in Great Neck, NY.  We utilize Brilliant Directories online directory software for MusicXS @ MusicDirectory.com.